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ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) is a standard for accessing database that can be used in any programming language in order to connect it to the database project. Using it you can connect to any database without the need to implement specific access methods. This technology is widely used in MVC projects since there is no need to manipulate the database layer if you need to migrate a database.

One of the great benefits of ODBC is the ability to simultaneously use different database, but standardizing the form of communication and data manipulation. It controls from the error messages to the commands to be used in bases and this in a very effective and safe. Because of this characteristic ODBC offers incredible portability and this has made many WEB projects ran out adopting the technology as standard.


But when you are developing a project, is essential to have a tool that can assist you. With Scriptcase you can easily connect to ODBC database, all you need to inform to connect to the ODBC is:

  • Connection Name: It will help you identify the connection among the others.
  • DBMS Driver: it Will show a list with all drivers available.
  • ODBC Name: The name of ODBC.
  • Username: Username for the user from the database.
  • Password: The password from the previous selected username.

PHP ODBC Connection

Once you connect Scriptcase with your database, it will read your tables and create applications based on the desired tables. Scriptcase will identify all special characteristics from your table, such as primary keys, foreign key, auto-increments, among others, and will show that at the application level. All the CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) actions will be managed by the Scriptcase. On forms and reports all the navigation, searches and filters (Static or Dynamic) will be also handled by Scriptcase automatically.

Scriptcase support stored procedures and all SQL statements (joins, order by, group by, among others) of ODBC, why lose time when you have Scriptcase to help you out?! Download it now and test it free for 20 days!


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